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Custom Axminster Carpet

Axminster Carpet performs as a superior woven carpet because each tuft is surrounded, locked and supported by nine backing yarns. As the weaves increase in density (tufts per square inch), more backing yarns are added making the supporting fabric stronger and more stable. Our Axminster Carpet is woven using 80% Wool and 20% anti-static Nylon yarn to achieve a long-lasting, beautiful, and durable carpet.
The yarns are skein dyed to produce clear, vivid colors. In addition to the 80/20 Wool/Nylon blend, we offer Axminster Carpet in 100% Nylon.

The combination of the woven construction and the excellent compression recovery of the Wool/Nylon yarn blend gives the Axminster Carpet long term aesthetic durability and appearance retention. Axminster performs with lasting beauty and excellent durability in heavy traffic areas.

Our Axminster is woven on Electronic Jacquard looms to give superior design capabilities and pattern matching. This allows for unlimited design possibilities with a colorful pile to fit the area of your project. In addition to broadloom Axminster, we also offer Axminster Carpet Tile.

For the maritime industry, WEL International offers IMO Certified Axminster Carpet.

WEL International’s Axminster Carpet will give your project the highest quality, luxurious carpet, with the greatest performance and value.

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