Machine Tufted

We can also provide custom machine tufted carpets to fit the needs of your project. Machine tufted carpets can be used in guest rooms, public spaces or made into rugs. Our machine tufted carpets and rugs are tufted with 100% Solution Dyed Nylon.

We offer several different types of machine tufted carpets to fit your needs.

CYP – Our CYP carpet is manufactured through a unique tufting process utilizing computer technology to produce a tufted carpet with small and large patterns. Our CYP carpet can be made in all cut pile or cut and loop pile.

ColorTec – ColorTec carpet can produce graphic patterns using 6 colors in a cut pile for wall to wall carpet or rugs. This tufting process offers a high quality carpet with many different design options.

ColorPoint – ColorPoint carpet offers high definition designs from small scale elements to large free-flowing designs.

Other Tufted Carpets – We can also help with any custom machine tufted carpet or rug for your projects.

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