Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand Tufted rugs provide flexibility in their use. The use can range from a custom rug in a lobby or dining room all the way to wall-to-wall carpet in a ballroom.

Due to the manufacturing process, WEL International Hand Tufted Rugs and Carpet designs are limited only to your imagination. Hand Tufted rugs are created by printing the design on 100% cotton primary backing then hand tufting the fibers into the printed design. A secondary backing of cotton mesh and latex are attached to the back once the tufting is complete to provide stability and a smooth finish on the back of the rug.

WEL International’s Hand Tufted Rugs and Carpets are available in wool, silk, viscose or blended yarns. The available pile types are cut pile, loop pile and cut and loop pile with carved or uncarved surfaces. The weights range from 72 ounces per square yard to 128 ounces per square yard depending on the design and yarn type.

WEL International Hand Tufted carpet and rugs are made from all-natural materials and are environmentally friendly.

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